Tired of constantly adjusting your workstation and still having pain and aches?

Not sure what to do?



Yes! I’m here to provide the expert help you need! 



Introductory Offer


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Workstation Setup Review

Is your setup right? Are you sitting the right way? Do you feel discomfort and pain when working at your desk?

The Workstation Setup Review is for you!

✨  You fill out a questionnaire to fully understand your setup and workday.

✨ You send me photos of you working at your workstation.

✨  I review and risk assess your workstation.

✨  I identify the cause of your discomfort and pain.

✨  I offer personalised recommendations to reduce pain, improve ergonomics and enhance comfort.

✨ Within 3 business days, you get an ergonomic report (pdf) detailing these findings, working tips and recommendations. 

✨ You can optimise your workspace for productivity and well-being. It’s that easy!

Success Stories

"Wow! This is amazing! I couldn't find out what I was doing wrong which gave me back pain. But the report highlighted it simply for me. I thought it was one thing but it was a combination. Now I know what I'm doing. Amazing!"


"Thank you. The process from start to when I recieved the report was outstanding. I have now adjusted my desk and it feels compfortable. Unlike before my arms felt heavy and i didnt't know where to put them."


"My home office is better. I had to move my desk nearer the window and it brought natural lighting. No more glare and eye strain. It incredible that it's something that simple!


"I love the quick fix tips that I use every day without fail. I never ever want my elbows to ache ever again.