3 ways to Work With Me

ErgoPhysio Consultations

for Solopreneurs and Freelancers

Workstation Setup Audit

Is your setup right? Are you sitting the right ergonomic way?

Send me pics and I will review your workstation. I will risk assess and identify the cause of your discomfort and pain. Offer ergonomic solutions to improve your workspace.

ergophysio consultation

Specialist Ergonomic Assessment

Book a 60-minute consultation where I virtually review your workstation, discuss your pain and discomfort and design an exercise programme to resolve your pain. 

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ErgoPhysio Consultation

Book 4 sessions of Online Physiotherapy consultations where I review your workstation, design an exercise programme and monitor your progress.

What Is Ergonomic Assessment?

Every workstation needs an ergonomic risk assessment including yours. It’s a requirement by the UK and other countries to make sure that the workstation given by your employee is ideal for you and would not cause you injury.

However as a solopreneur, it is not a compulsory requirement. But you are not immune to work-related injury.

I bet you already know that!

That’s why I have designed these services for you.

Let’s risk assess your workstation so you work the ergonomic way that stops you from getting injury.

What if I’m already injured?

That’s where the Specialist Ergonomic Assessment and ErgoPhysio Consultation comes in.

Just choose the level of support you need. 

My ErgoPhysio Approach

The ErgoPhysio Approach is simple. 

Work-related injuries like neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain and even knee pain all have root causes. 

Rooting out the underlying cause of your injury (aches and pain) is the first step to resolving your injury.

The second step is to address the injury you’ve already developed. Sometimes, conducting an ergonomic assessment alone can resolve your pain at its early stage. 

But from experience, the injury you’ve already developed needs attention too. And that where my customised pain-relieving exercise programmes help you overcome your injury.


specialist ergonomic assessment

How It Works?

Book a 1:1 Consultation

After payment, a link to the booking page would be sent to you.

Customised Pain-Relieving Exercise Programme

After the consultation, I would design a pain-relieving exercise programme for you to resolve your injury.

Resolve Your Injury and Work Pain-free

Don’t let injury slow down your hustle. Fight for your health and build a life and business you love. 

Success Stories

"I heard Ugo's story and I felt I had to reach out for help. Carpal tunnel pain is no joke. I knew I was doing something wrong but didn't know what. The advice and exercises she gave me worked. I'm so much better now.


"I have had back pain since I started working for myself. I changed my office chair many times btu still I ached. It got worse that sleeping became too painful. Ugo assessed my workstation and gave me tips to improve my posture. The exercises simple as they are, have resolved my pain. I now do them at the beginning, midday and end of my day. Massive improvement.


"I've never felt better. My headache is gone and I don't feel like I'm carrying a sac of bricks."